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Here are the amazing bands we have in store for you at
Rainford Spring Fling 2024!


Summer Strum legends The Splintered Ukes are back to headline this year's festival with their eclectic mash-ups and fabulous floor-fillers. Never before have 3 ukes, a drum kit, a bass and the enigma that is the 'bag of noise’ created so much fun!   

Famed for their versatile covers, Splintered Ukes leap from Bruno Mars to Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones to Amy Winehouse, climaxing with Queen and Candi Staton.  

Catch them on Saturday night and don't forget to bring your A-game!

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The Funky Ukes

A band born just before lockdown containing members from all walks of life with a love for harmonies & alcohol. Our song choices range from self penned cool to raunchy blues & many genres in between, something for everyone!

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The Bowie Ukes

Untitled design copy.png

With foundations cemented firmly in fun & friendship, this Liverpool band of 30+ play lively sets reflecting their mix of ages and musical tastes. 

Having played at festivals and gigs for the last 5 years, they now help to run the Summer Strum & can be found practicing at The Halfway House every Tuesday, where they welcome anyone who wants to come along and join in.

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D'Ukes of Hazzard

Firm favourites on the ukulele circuit, The D’ukes began as a group of UCL graduates and have collected folk from the pub along the way. They will be leading the morning strum-along on Saturday at this year's festival. Their infamous jams, held every Thursday at Ma Egerton’s, are open to anyone who wants to play the uke and sing songs. Fun is 100% guaranteed. 
The D'Ukes will be leading the Saturday afternoon strum-along at 3pm in the Marquee Tent.

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Get your glow-sticks ready as the Monastery of Sound takes you on a nostalgic journey from 60s soul deep into 90's rave. They will play classic soul anthem after classic rave anthem that will have you big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-boxing and mash-potatoing like there's no tomorrow. But there is, so save some energy for the rest of the weekend!

The Monastery
of Sound

F**king Ukeless

Fing Ukeless.jpg

Born out of a surfeit of ukulele music… Fuelled only by chips and Prosecco… The result of manning the sound desk for 100s of ukulele bands… An idea gradually took shape in the fog and confusion of DI boxes and tinnitus… surely the sound men were musicians too… Could it be payback time? 

And so F**king Ukeless was born. Best taken with a pinch of salt and after an excess of your favourite tipple…

No they won't be playing the ukulele, but they will be doing the sound all weekend for everyone, so they can literally do as they like!

Uke Tok


UkeTok is an online uke club with members all over the country. They usually meet over the internet to play together, thanks to some marvellous technology. They'll be bringing their own euphoric and accessible style of play-along jam to the festival on Saturday at noon, using a songbook that looks like karaoke.

What better way to get everyone warmed up for an amazing weekend?

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You can get the music to play along  by clicking here >

Rev Cass & the Sisters of Mersey

The Junction parish Sunday Service strum-along will commence at noon.

Get ready for the most spiritual, raucous, joyous & uplifting ukulele experience you've ever had.

Praise the Uke and let us play!

You can get the music to play along  by clicking here >

Alison Benson

Alison Benson.jpg

Alison is a singer/songwriter and ukulele player. She is also the Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge 2019 winner. Her debut EP, Paths & Stories, was released in 2021 and she can be found performaing at festivals & gigs across the UK. In addition to her stellar performances, Alison will be running a songwriting workshop at this year's festival to let you into the secrets of her success.

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IMG-20230924-WA0033 (1).jpg

Ukuladies are a 5 piece uke band of lifelong friends. They sing and play songs which shine a light on female songwriters and musicians from the 1960s to the present day.

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The Leftovers

The Leftovers.jpeg

The Leftovers serve up a tasty mix of original songs celebrating life's rich tapestry & the sparks that connect us. Christine, Debs, Mark & Robin were 'leftovers' from the YinYanBand and they're going to spice up your life!

They will also be hosting the Power Ballad Yoga at 11.30am on Saturday in the Summer Strum Gazebo..

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The Travelling Wannabes


A 6-piece, formed at Crosby’s Stamps Bar Ukulele jam night, where they play an eclectic mix of rock n roll, blues, country and soul.  Named as a nod to one of the best super groups that ever lived (in their humble opinion), they all hail from Sefton, except Vinny, who is dead posh and lives on the Wirral.

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Pandemic Pluckers

Pandemic Pluckers.jpg

The Pandemic Pluckers is a band of misfits from around the world. Formed by accident during the nightly Zoom Ukulele Jams, they forged a lifelong friendship for each other and the love of the ukulele. Last year they gave Summer Strum a massive injection of fun. Can't wait to see what they get up to this year.

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The Uke-Stars 

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 11.31.01.png

Enthusiastic and eclectic, The UkeStars began life as a community ukulele group based in Alt Valley Community Trust in Croxteth. Strumming together for just under a year, The UkeStars aim to spread joy and music wherever they go.


Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 10.42.56.png

This 7 person band hail from Southport, where they have a residency at The Guest House Pub. With ukes, bass, harmonica and percussion, their music ranges from roots & folk to pop & blues.

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The Quay Notes

Quay Notes.jpg

The Quay Notes play for fun and for charity events. Based at the Lock and Quay Community Pub in Bootle, the band is available for hire for gigs or private parties. Their music ranges from old 60s and 70s classics through to modern pop. 

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Tickety Boo 


Tickety Boo are a duo consisting of Elaine & Erica who are in loads of other ukulele bands too!

Naive Melodies 


Naive Melodies is a St Helens-based duo formed in 2022 having met at Ukulele Club of Liverpool. Their music 

encompasses many genres from Northern soul, alternative, new wave, classic rock and pop. 

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Junction Ukulele Group 

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 12.00.44.png

The Junction Ukulele Group was established 9 years ago & meet every Thursday at the Junction pub, so Summer Strum is on their manor! They have played every year at Bickerstock festival.

The UkuLaLas

 A diverse group of friends who started performing together 5 years ago. With varying levels of musical experience they come together with a lively vibe! No George Formby but some surprises.

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The EasyBees 


The EasyBees are made up of a pinch of Pandemic Pluckers, a dash of Travelling Wannabes with a little D'ukes of Hazzard thrown in for good measure.

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